First meeting with Frambo about Van building

We are lucky enough to have Frambo with us on board. Frambo is a newly started organisation that wants to work out Sweden’s first concept for sustainable diversity in the housing environment, being a creative center for influencing the future development of economically, socially and ecologically sustainable housing and residential areas. From tiny houses, to collective living until van life.

Meeting with Jonas Rahm, Magnus Björkegren, Kristoffer Ramström and Mathieu Vrijman our teacher from “Action to sustainable development”
Magnus in the making of the Sketch for the Van

Next steps that have been discussed:

  1. Which insulation will be used? As already mentioned, our focus is to build the van with as much focus on sustainability as possible. It’s famous that insolation is most often done with styrofoam also called “blue board” or XPS, a material made of plastic, easy, functioning and cheap. The problem with natural materials such as cellulose, hemp fibres and sheep wool is that they are soaking moisture which can cause mould because of the metallic chassis of the van. If built in wood that is breathing such as tiny house, that’s not a problem. Not many people that have been insulating vans with natural materials – we are curious and will order different kind of insulations and test which one works best! To be continued…
  2. Sketch-Master Magnus will finish the sketch for the van
  3. Invite other Van-life people to the next meeting in order to get tips and inspiration.
  4. Ventilation for the Van has arrived, 2 more windows will be installed and has to be first found second hand and ordered. The goal is to have the van ready with all windows installed in February including concluding which insulation works best and the order of it.
  5. We talked about different possibilities of toilets, also here we focus on making it as environmental friendly as possible. We have found a site with special toilets made for boats/vans that we want to look into, as they are a little pricey, we talked about getting sponsoring maybe if possible or at least a good price with an order of many.

Starting to build a Van

Building a Van s is not just starting to build it but there is a whole part of planning included and necessary. Things that one may don’t think of can suddenly turn out to be difficult: how does one take measurements of the bus? Which ones are needed? How to make a sketch of something you are about to build?

Luckily I have people helping me that have experience from which I can learn from. We are also very thankful for all the Van-life forums exist out there already. It may seem more complicated and challenging then expected in the beginning, but I am sure the reward of feeling “I can learn anything in the world” is surely satisfying 🙂